How It Works

Read the following rules before joining our list, to get an idea how our system works.

Get +1 View By Joining Our List

When you join our list for the first time you will get 1 view score for free.

You will get exactly the views you watched

Every time you watch a video or visit a link you will get +1 View. Every time someone watchs your video or visits your link you will get -1 View.

The minimum to stay in our list is 1 View

Once your views score reachs 0, we desactivate your link until you watch more videos/links and increase your views score again.

High priority for higher Score

The more you have views in our list the more watching priority you have

30s for every visit

You need to watch/visit links for 30s to get your +1 view score.

The score is calculated By Ip Address

if you connect with a new ip address, you need to update your link again in our list so you can collect points

Your Ip Score Is 0.

Your Ip address is not associated with any link in our list. Add/Update your Link to collect views points.

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