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How to promote affiliate links for free ?

Whether you are an experienced or novice affiliate marketer, it is always important to find a good way to promote your affiliate links in order to generate free passive income. While experienced affiliate marketers have established their working strategies, beginners frequently struggle to establish their marketing strategy, particularly if they have a sufficient budget for paid promotion.

We will show you step by step how to promote your affiliate links for free.

1- Use our free service:

we provide a greet opportunity to get leads from your affiliate links. Our list is visited daily by social media users such as youtube, instagram, tiktok, facebook, and twitter, as well as ecommerce business owners such as amazon, ebay, etsy, shopify, bloogers, and freelancers. By watching and visiting other links, you can easily target them by adding your links to our list and ranking them high.

2-Use a landing page:

If you do not already have a website, it is critical to create one in order to promote affiliate products for free or for a fee.

What exactly is a landing page?

Simply put, a landing page is a page that a visitor sees before proceeding to your affiliate product page.

Why is a landing page so important for promoting affiliate links?

The landing page is crucial for several reasons:

Use Social Media :

Most social media platforms reject affiliate links and may block your account if you share them; to fix this, simply create a landing page with your links and share it on social media and online.

Collect emails from visitors:

You can add a subscription field to collect emails from potential visitors. This allows you to add them to your mailing list, sort them by country, gender, or age, and send them customized affiliate offers.

Growing your mailing list will be extremely beneficial to you in the long run. You will have customers who will buy from you again and again. However, you must know how to keep them and, of course, refrain from spamming them.

Give your potential buyers more reasons to buy or subscribe to your affiliate products by including a detailed description and eye-catching images on your landing page.

How to Make a Landing Page:

There are numerous free websites that provide free landing pages. Simply searching for free landing pages on Google will yield numerous results.

3- Use Social Media :

Social media plateforms are the best places to advertise referral links

Instagram :

You can make a linktree page with all of your affiliate links and include it in your bio. Upload photos to your account and follow your audience; some will follow you back. Use hashtags in your photos to tell interesting stories and reals.

Twitter :

For example, look at the trending hashtags in your targeted area. If you are targeting the United States, look for trending hashtags on that day. Write your tweet, include that hashtag along with other customized hashtags, and try to follow others in order to be followed back. Try to do this on a daily basis without spamming; 3 or 5 tweets per day is usually sufficient. The most important thing is to be consistent in your sharing and following.

Facebook :

Rather than joining other Facebook groups, create your own Facebook group and page. In your Facebook group, add your Facebook page as an admin. First, invite your friends and family to join your group. Then, try to share your group with other audience groups. Try to share some useful information and content with your target audience, and pin your landing page with affiliate links to the top of your Facebook group.


This may be more difficult for beginners, but if you are not afraid to show your face, you can start a YouTube channel where you can review affiliate products and include links in the video description. Try to grow your YouTube channel and meet YouTube's moetization requirements so that you can earn money from both affiliate links and adsense.

4-Create a blog :

Choose a topic that you are passionate about. If you feel compelled to write about your affiliate products, you will quickly become bored and abandon your blog. Instead, pick something you're really good at. It could be about cars, sports, your house, garden, or even your pets.

How to Create a Blog:

You will first require a hosting service. We recommend that you use hostgrintor. This is the website hosting service that we use. It charges only $2 per month and provides a free domain name for the first year.

Install WordPress on your blog: You can do it yourself using free YouTube tutorials or hire a web developer from Fiverr for $5.

Try to be consistent:

the beginning is always difficult; simply look at other blogs and try to imitate them. Learn how they write their posts and use their strategies. It's that simple, but be careful not to copy other people's content or Google will penalize you. To show your blog and get free visitors from Google, your content must be original and at least 1000 words long per post. Yes, writing 1000 words is difficult at first, but once you complete your first post, it will become easier with time.

To summarize, if you follow these tips for free affiliate link promotion, you will end up with some leads in the medium and long term. However, if you need immediate results and more leads from your affiliate platforms such as clickbank, amazon, and maxbounty, you should use paid advertising services such as adwords, bing ads, or social media ads such as facebook, instagram, tiktok, and tiktok ads.

You will undoubtedly spend more money at first on these platforms, but with the right strategy and products to promote, you can easily earn a passive income from them. Simply try to think outside the box and always look for new ways to get leads that no one else is aware of.