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TubeBuddy – an Active YouTuber’s Lifesaver

TubeBuddy is your one-stop YouTube certified video optimization and channel management toolkit.

The innovative SEO software integrates directly into your Google Chrome browser as an extension.

It provides access to an array of tools needed to optimize video marketing strategies, save time, make more engaging videos, deliver relevant insights to make your channel more profitable, and provide an overall vision for your channel to grow.

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Setup and Operation:

The software is fairly easy to use and takes only about 30 seconds to set up. Once it has been added to your browser and you log in to your YouTube account, your channel dashboard is automatically upgraded with over 64 handy new features. To add to the perks, TubeBuddy is officially certified by YouTube, so it’s 100% safe to use without the fear of anything bad happening to your uploaded content.

TubeBuddy also allows integration to Patreon, Facebook, and Twitter so you can pay special attention to subscribers who support you directly.

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Starting from April 2020, TubeBuddy has been offering the basic tools along with the chrome extension 100% free!

The fully-featured premium version costs between $9 to $49 per month based on different pricing plans.

As a bonus, if you are just starting out with less than 1000 subscribers, TubeBuddy is offering discounts of up to 50%, which makes it very affordable at $4.50 a month with the RisingStarBuddy license.

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Keywords Explorer and Suggested Tags tools

Keyword Explorer is an essential tool that helps your video gain those precious views and allows your channel to grow. It helps discover the keywords needed to increase reach based on SERPs.

Just type in your video idea into the designated search box to find related keywords having a high search volume that you can use in your title. It also tells you what is “trending,” so your videos can even get on that highly coveted trending list on the YouTube homepage! The Suggested Tags tool pairs up with Keyword Explorer very nicely by providing a list of possible tags based on the main target keywords.

Advanced Video Analytics Tool (The Spy Tool)

The in-depth Advanced Video Analytics tool gives you the ability to obtain a deeper vision into the tags used by other similar video uploaders on YouTube. You can essentially “spy” on related successful videos to see their tags and add those to your own. This strategy helps gain some traction like nothing else!

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Video SEO Tools with A/B Testing (Paid Feature)

This ultimate Video SEO tool can help you gain millions of views within a matter of days. What it basically does is that it allows you to compare two different titles and thumbnails on the same video and observe which one performs better by automatically changing them from one to the other on alternating days. It then measures which one got more views by creating a report with the click-through rates for each alternative. Since the video thumbnail and title are so crucial for a channel to be successful, this tool can essentially make or break your YouTube career!

However, this A/B testing feature is not free and is only available in the TubeBuddy’s LEGEND license.

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Bulk Processing Tools

This tool can help you change or update descriptions, titles, thumbnails, cards, or end screens in bulk when you have a large library of videos already uploaded on your YouTube channel.

You can very easily update the description of existing videos to mention your new website, a new product you’re selling, or even a sponsorship you’re working with that gets you affiliated commissions. This could potentially add a ton of traffic across your entire video library while saving you much of that valuable time so that you can focus more on creating new content!

Productivity Tools

Bulk Processing Tools

After careful market analysis, we can safely deduce that TubeBuddy is the best YouTube SEO tool to oversee, manage, and scale your channel success. It is very simple to operate and can be installed in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can always install the free extension first if you are hesitant about the paid plans, which provides added benefits!

TubeBuddy can help more people find your videos or subscribe to your channel. But you must create quality content and invest in high-end equipment if you want to succeed in video marketing. TubeBuddy cannot make a poorly filmed video look great or correct glitchy audio. If you have engaging original content, you’ll definitely see great results that you know you deserve.